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Residential Service

Hemel Electric has established itself as a five-star business in the residential electrical industry in Lawrence and the Northeast Kansas area.  We work with leading local companies to provide services ranging from new construction to remodels.

Contact us today for Electrical Contracting 

  • Construction

  • New construction

  • Commercial, residential, and industrial projects

  • Electrical installation

  • Electrical repair

  • Electrical service replacement

  • Lighting

  • Surge protection  

  • Breaker boxes

  • Wireless smoke alarm installation

  • LED upgrades and much more

  • Home additions

  • Remodels

  • Rewiring

  • Complete electrical system overhauls

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Frustrated by the lack of outlets when your cell phone, laptop or pad starts to die? Want to install a dimmer, fix a light or upgrade your home's security? Old electrical systems often can't keep up. Because smart homes and personal electronics are becoming commonplace, electricians are increasingly in demand to update and modernize the aging home. 

Let us help you make the electrical upgrades you need!

Contact Hemel Electric today for all your electrical installation service.

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